Thugs Need Love Round 1 Adult DVD
Title:Thugs Need Love Round 1
Release Date:02/12/2013
Synopsis:Magnus is proud to announce it has inked a distribution deal with TOP DOG PRODUCTIONS! Top Dog features all American-shot content in sizzling hot niches like thug, twink, big dick, interracial and more!
Scenes in this DVD
Expert At Seduction
Models: Butta Ryan
Categories: Ebony Hardcore
Running Time: 16mins 47secs
Total Views: 22196
He Knows What He Wants
Models: Caleb KC
Categories: Hardcore Interracial
Running Time: 16mins 2secs
Total Views: 25871
Rival Gang Mouth Love
Models: J-Weezy Rus
Categories: Interracial Twink Hardcore
Running Time: 15mins 41secs
Total Views: 35053
A Good Calming Trick
Models: Nathan JD Daniels
Running Time: 17mins 20secs
Total Views: 38390